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One of our company goals is to empower the society through our service. It is through giving back that we are able to realize the positive effects sports has on the community as well as gaining personal satisfaction. Currently , we are running the "One for Heart" program that takes part of the revenue we earn and donates it to people in need. When you purchase a sports product from our store, $1 dollar is donated to children in need so as to help them achieve their dreams. This money is used to buy necessary items, fund programs, or support other worthy causes. Finding the best sports product shouldn't be a daunting task. It should also not take too much of your time or effort. What you need is buying sports product from us and enjoying a good sporting experience. While at it, you will be helping children in need achieve their life ambitions as well as goals. Besides you will also be taking your skills to a higher level while enjoying personal gratification. Join us in empowering the society and assisting children in need by supporting "One for Heart" Campaign. We will donate $1 dollar from any product you buy from us and help improve our society.